an introduction (flee for your lives)

My name is Eliza. I’m twenty three years old, I work with computers, dabble in art, and write fantasy novels. My current project is called Blue Crystal, which is about a woman held as a political hostage in an underground, dystopian fantasy city.

Books, as I’ve seen them, always sound a little silly when you put them into a one-sentence form. Characters go on an epic quest to throw an evil ring into a volcano. A brilliant child is taught to play computer games so that he can defeat an alien race. A war over a substance only found on a barren desert planet ensues.

I’ve decided to start blogging here because of some recent policy changes to Livejournal regarding advertising and free accounts. Random people I don’t know here are all welcome on my page; I’ll give you fair warning, however– I usually talk about writing craft, my books, and art projects. Occasionally I’ll touch on real life, but then… who said I had a life?



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