the joys of food and rest

At sixteen hundred words in two days, I didn’t get as much done on my novel writing-wise. That’s fine, I think– I did write a five page chapter-by-chapter synopsis, and given the complexity of the plot I’m working with I feel much better know. It’s easier to stay on track, and I don’t need to keep referring to out-of-date plot flashcards.

So, lesson learned. Try a little bit of everything. Use what works for this specific project.

Caylen returned Saturday night from Europe, and so I got a good solid chunk of role-play time with all the drow characters I’ve missed in her absence this weekend. I have a writer’s group on Wednesday to attend, and she likely won’t be around on Monday, so our schedule is going to be a bit scattered, but I do much better with something to look forward to after work.


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