the great commercial

One of my ideas for marketing my book once it nears publication is to (as well as doing the usual book signings, ads, internet banners) is to make use of my training in computer media and art to make a commercial for my novel and put it up on YouTube. I’ve seen this done before with varying degrees of effectiveness. Some use classical music and images from the public domain. One was sped up video of a woman writing the title of her book with a long, loopy handwriting. Another (very effective) took this compelling music and selected pieces of the cover art to great effect. I’m brainstorming with myself how to make something exceptional so that it will be easily passed around.

This is my current plan. Keep it short, first– I think I’ll aim for forty five seconds. Thirty five of that will be for animation, and the last ten will be for the title, author, cover art, and release. Blue crystal is a dark book, and one of my ideas is to use a combination of simple drawn animation (white lines on black), 3d graphics, and photoshop paintings. That way I can do nifty things like model part of a scene, animate the camera moving down dim the render, and transition to the animation in black and white. Every once in a while I can do a detailed photoshop painting, and scatter the piece with moments of detailed art. Rylan will fight his tiger in the arena. Police with elaborate silver demon masks will look intimidating. Wyrren will walk through walls.


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