world building: security

I’ve found a few free videos on the history channel’s website about ancient Rome, and I’ve decided to blatantly steal some of the Roman security measures for my book. The style fits in well, and I like the no-nonsense harshness of their ‘law enforcement’. Specifically, the rich, private homes with heavy wrought locks, keys made into rings, and armed slaves chained in the only door’s entry way with a beastly dog. It says it pretty clear: you’re not getting in without invitation.

I think I’ll take the concept for my fantasy novel and elaborate on it– I want to make certain that the reader knows that Rylan couldn’t possibly get into the palace in the first chapter. It will make the thought of breaking in on his own appalling later when he needs to, and it will reinforce the shock of security breaches a few chapters into the story.

2 thoughts on “world building: security

  1. I took a workshop with Tamora Pierce called: “All Good Writing is Stolen” or something to that effect. She talked about how she creates her fantasy worlds by using other culture models and weaving them together to create her own new model. It was very fun!

    I do the same thing. 😉

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