research: wyrren jadis

I have a very important character with a very unusual trait. Wyrren, the most prominent character in the book, can’t move her face. And I want to explain this in a clear, yet subtle way without confusing people, cutting down the impact she makes, or making her seem apathetic– she’s certainly very important to Rylan, my protagonist. Since this isn’t common even in my fantasy world, most of the characters assume that she’s mentally retarded. … I’ve always had problems trying to convey Wyrren. She’s a very smart, very complicated character that I admire for a variety of reasons, and she’s been part of my writing cast for the last eight years.

I’m using Mobius Syndrome for technical descriptions of what’s wrong with her: you can read more of it here for the wikipedia article, or here.

2 thoughts on “research: wyrren jadis

  1. She can’t move her face? I have heard of this but never read a character with it! That is a brilliant characteristic for a fantasy character. How cool.

    Um, should I use the word “character” just one more time. Hmm…

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