finishing chapter one

The second rewrite of my first chapter has just been completed. It’s much stronger, the setting is firmly in place, it’s terribly long (7,500 words), it sparks with tension, and it just may be the best thing that I’ve ever written. I am thrilled, exhausted, and slightly terrified, because I’ve printed out copies for my four test readers. Once they finish, it goes to my writing critique group. I am now ready to continue with the first rewrite, with has languished for the last few days while I’ve slogged on this piece. Expect my word count meter to start climbing again soon.

I will say this much. Wyrren Jadis is an amazing character. I’m terrified that I’m going to handle her badly. She’s frustrating to direct, stubborn, impossible to express. But when I can use her correctly, she outshines them all.

I love this book.

2 thoughts on “finishing chapter one

  1. Congratulations! I can totally identify with how you’re feeling–I am always in love with my writing immediately after I’ve written it. Unfortunately, after some time passes I discover its flaws. It’s theat wonderful flush of creation I think that we experience, the reason writers write. Enjoy.

  2. It’s hardly perfect; There are a few rough patches that I know will need smoothing, a few descriptive paragraphs introducing setting that I’ll have to rewrite. Almost a full day has passed and on a re-read I still think that it’s the best thing I’ve written. I’ll have to wait for my dummy readers (test readers? victims?) to give their opinions. 😀

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