a quick note…

I’ve posted a small piece of my second draft under the ‘excerpt’ page of my blog. Anyone who wants to read the very beginning of what I’ve been prattling on about can now do so.

I’ve also just posted my query letter to Janet at Query Shark, a blog that takes query letters and critiques them. I spent fifteen minutes nit-picking my already nit-picked letter, and it took pure force of will just to hit the ‘send’ button while I could feel my heart tightening with every beat. My hands are shaking, I can barely type, and I’m having difficulty breathing. This isn’t even a real query. How the heck do professional writers do this?

3 thoughts on “a quick note…

  1. Excellent! I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been meaning to post an excerpt of my WIP, we’ll see if I ever get around to it.

    !! I hope to see your query up there. She gives such great advice.

  2. I’ll have to check our your excerpt later this afternoon! I love seeing how other people write, and how styles differ. Plus, I’m just curious. =D

    I understand your fear! You should have seen the support group that had to walk me to a mailbox when I sent my first short story to a magazine. (My only one, actually, which was very rapidly rejected. =D)

    (Side note: that’s an awesome blog!)

  3. You should check out the submittal guidelines to “Weird Tales.” One thing mentioned is the reminder that editors don’t reject YOU, they reject a piece of paper with words on it. Which, you know, is something I’ve known in my head for basically every, but the way it’s put there really… I don’t know. It clicked. Might help you out, too.

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