may writing goals (and april followup)

To meet my writing goal for April I needed to get my story up to 40,000 words. Instead it’s now just over 33,000. Even including the rewrite of the first chapter (7,500 words) I’m not particularly happy with this. I’ve been trying to write 500 words every day (on this project– I have no trouble pounding out two thousand a night on my text-rpg), but I haven’t been consistent about it.

Let’s try something else, then. 3,000 words every week for May. That should make a monthly goal of about 12,000, and put me up to 45,000 by June, which is just under my half-way point.

I’ll start checking in every Fridays, starting next week.


2 thoughts on “may writing goals (and april followup)

  1. Oh I know how that feels, being below the writing goal for the month. It stinks. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get a certain word count because it might cause a writer’s block. That’s happened to me before.

    Good luck!

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