outline? what outline?

Today’s writing is a fine example of why my nice little chapter-synopses have little or no bearing on reality.

I spent days working out how the rest of the book was going to go. A few chapters ago, I started deviating. It felt right. I don’t argue with my characters, as a rule. At the end of Chapter Seven we were almost on track. Now? Not only did the kidnappers not be the mercenaries I’d expected, I also introduced a new important character. And he’s a cocky little bastard that won’t hear of leaving my plot.

I did, however, write a line that I’m very fond of. I thought I’d share.

“Rylan du Jadis, it is an honor. My lord wishes to commend you for your bravery, congratulate you for your performance, and condemn you for your idiocy.”

Didn’t I say that this guy is going to be trouble? Hmm?

3 thoughts on “outline? what outline?

  1. Woohooo! How exciting! Glad you are running with it and not worrying too much about that outline. What fun to have such a great character come up, larger than life and full of verve!

  2. Love the line! It sounds like you’ve got a great and quirky novel under hand.

    I’ve more or less given up on outlines and assume that my initial impression of the characters are always wrong. It’s mostly true.

  3. I’ve never been able to get rid of the ‘quirky’ quality in my work. It seems to be an inherent characteristic of my personality.

    If you want to know, Rylan completely deserved it. I can’t tell you how many times that man has made me want to pull my hair out…

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