an invitation to villain month

While I was drawing up some ideas for what I could do for my four weeks of villainy, I thought that perhaps I could invite some of my blogging comrades to join in.

I’ll be spending one week on each character, starting June 1st. Activities will include sample dialog, sketches, scanned collages, and bits of story that don’t go anywhere, as well as the usual ‘character info’ pages that asks for full names and favorite snacks.

Anyone interested? Comment below; I’d love to see other people’s villain-projects.

27 thoughts on “an invitation to villain month

  1. I found this blog through a search on the word “character”, and the first entry I came to was talking about Villain Month. It sounds like a very fun concept.

    An interesting thing I’ve found with my own stories is that the characters I spend some of the most work and time on become the villains completely by accident. Their stories just work out in such a way that it makes it a natural conclusion that they would be the bad guy (intentionally or no).

    I’m just beginning to stretch out the old writing muscles (which went into hibernation after last November) and am looking for something to get me started in the right direction. A month of villainy? Count me in! 🙂

  2. I will gadly add my two cents. How does one flesh out a Villain? I usually have no problem – they lurk about sometimes not even in the shadows – pretending to be angels of light and truly wish to kill all you hold dear –

  3. Hello and welcome! 😀 The more the merrier. Or drearier, depending on how you like your antagonists.

    Moonbeam– I’m going to do this in the context of my current work-in-progress, but you’re welcome to interpret it any way you please. I think my first acts will be to introduce the character, possibly with semi-artistic scribbles, and then probably detail what’s been giving them problems behind the scenes, including mini-stories and footnotes. Feel free to rip me off shamelessly, if it so suits you.

    If anyone knows anyone else who might be interested in this, pass them along. At the end of June, I think I’ll compile links to everyone’s projects!

    If only science fairs were this fun…

  4. Oh please, I don’t rip off shamelessly or otherwise. But I do have a few evil creatures roaming around my mad psychic laden head aching to stab out and give their opinion.

  5. Count me in! I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Anyone have any ideas on how to present this project? I’m thinking I’ll probably create a page on my blog just for this project.
    Anyone else have any ideas?


  6. karmagrl76: I was intending to start by listing the journals participating. Then I was going to post what I’d come up with on my villains (plural, for me) as a series, probably recording my progress on a side page. Then I’ll update regularly on other people’s progress on the side.

    So since you’ve commented, I’ll keep up with your journal and watch for new material. 🙂 Thanks for joining, and welcome!

  7. Ooo Villain Month…sounds intriguing. I’ll give it a whirl…guess I need to figure out my villain…

  8. I may try this…I’ve got a few fiendish, umm, fiends who have been waiting to find their way into a story of any sort…

  9. Three words:


    Seriously, this project sounds fantastic and like it’ll not only be a ton of fun, but a learning experience for everyone involved. I’ll be out of town with no internet access during the third week in June, but for the other weeks, I’m in!

    Oh, and any preference on whether we develop a villain per week, or just devote the whole month to fleshing out one particular antagonist?

  10. No preference what-so-ever. I’m doing one every week because I happen to have four in my story: make as many or as few as you please. Glad to have you!

  11. Hi again! Thanks for the visit, and I’d be honored if you glance at my blog now and then. 🙂 I think I’ll be keeping an eye out here as well. And honestly I’ve been pondering joining in on villain month because I’m *awful* at developing villains, but I’m also awful at making commitments. Which probably means I should challenge myself. 😉 So yes, please sign me up!

  12. I’m in for this one. Especially now that I’m done with my first draft I have time to focus and let a little Light into the dark, so to speak 😉

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