character study: alexander jamaniel

Originally I had meant to sit down and write a short study for my villain Tarren Kanichende. Instead, I wrote about little Alexander Jamaniel, not even a remotely villainous character.

Not part of ‘Blue Crystal’.

Alexander Jamaniel grinned like his father and squinted like his mother, and taken together they produced an expression uniquely his own– happy and enthusiastic, the obvious sincerity of his joy broadcasted to everyone around him without reservation. His smile came lopsided, first tugging up the right corner of his mouth, filled in after by the opposite side. These expressions were easy to draw out but quick to vanish again, came and went on their own at times without any visible cause.

On summer evenings he frequently trotted after his father, showing off and fishing for all sorts of praise before they would sit and study magic from his father’s leather tomb in a wooded clearing away from the rest of the town. His father would sit with his back to a tree and set Alexander in his lap to open the giant book across their legs. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes these lessons were boring. More than once Alexander fell asleep before arriving back home. His father always carried him back when this happened, and his mother always woke him again once in bed. She sang him whispered opera and brushed the hair from his eyes, kissed his nose and forehead and called him her quicksilver baby. Alexander never thought to ask her why.

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