villain: tarren kanichende: if the hero

A quick note on Danache linguistics–

The most common letter combinations are ‘ch’ (sh), ‘rr’ (split r), and ‘ii’, which is the same as the short ‘i’ but reserved for the end of words, such as the names Arielii and Remerdii. The letter ‘y’ is one of the most common vowel and changes from a hard to soft pronunciation depending on surrounding letters. ‘Rylan’ is hard (Rye-lan), ‘Wyrren’ is far softer (Were-ren).

Tarren II Kanichende
(tahr-ren kahn-E-shen-day)
“The elevated place.”

I’m thinking through the novel again and imagining how I’d write this book if, without changing any of the events, I tried to make Tarren the hero. If Blue Crystal had been told from his perspective, what would it turn into?

Different, certainly. Tarren has the unfortunate habit of stereotyping the people around him, with the exception of his children (but not his wife). Moreso than them, his closest companions are a pair of pet tigers, Time and Fate.

Things I’ve come up with so far…

Wyrren Jadis’ arrival in Vastii
Tarren knew well in advance that his niece was mentally lacking. While part of him still irrationally hoped that Wyrren would be a perfect copy of his sister, the rest prepared to take her in, to take advantage of her lack of guards and servants and set her comfortably in her rooms, to be a mentor and a provider to his half wit niece. And in return, she would respect and regard him as his sister Arielii did not. She would see that he had a cause, that her father was in fact a monster and should be punished for his sister’s murder, and eventually this old sin would be laid to rest.

Wyrren’s arrival was met formally. Tarren did not sense that she was overjoyed to be in Vastii, though she should have seen it as a rescue. He offered her a full set of her own servants, pets, a set of private apartments, and the loan of his own private guard to be stationed in her rooms. She nodded, and her slave with the red beard thanked Tarren on her behalf. Later, she requested a private audience with him. Tarren agreed, then recanted, seeing no reason for seeing her in such a manner and included his guard, his tigers, a family friend, and his young son. So all were present when Wyrren’s slave announced that the extra servants were not needed and had been dismissed, that the lady found the application of his methods invasive to her privacy and wished for the guard to leave as well. As a willing political hostage, she wished to have complete control over her quarters and people, the power to direct or dismiss them as she felt was needed. She was not a child, and would appreciate not being treated as much. Tarren’s eyes turned to the slave, the one conveying these words, and told his close friends that should something happen to the red-haired man, an accident of some sort, he would not be upset.

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