villainous links, and a fun text tool

Browsing the internet yesterday and today, I’ve found a few fun links that I thought to share.

But Seriously, Villainy, taken from Steve Malley’s blog. A pictoral list of villains, most in the style of, and a hilarious read.

Developing Villainous Characters, part 1, on Belinda’s blog (Worderella Writes). Only half of my villains fit in with the beginning stereotype on the links listed, but still link-worthy.

And then, I found Enter in a bunch of text, and it makes a pretty spiffy looking word cloud based on the most common words (excepting and, the, was, and the like). So far, I know for a fact that it can take at least 65 thousand words.

Here’s the word cloud for ‘Blue Crystal’:

đŸ™‚ Highly fun to play with.

6 thoughts on “villainous links, and a fun text tool

  1. Hey Eliza, thanks for the ping! Glad you found my post fun to read. (Also, I’m sure your villains probably don’t fit the stereotypes since I picked romance/suspense authors and their versions of villains.)

  2. Make them nastier? Alright. Do this then– let them win.

    Not entirely, perhaps. But no bad habits or cringe-worthy hobbies can really compare to a villain that is efficient enough to hurt the hero. Efficiency is the best trait you can give them.

  3. I’ve been avoiding that site all week… and of course I had to click on it this afternoon. Almost distracted me entirely from work. Also, made me realize I use the word “something” way too much in the novel. How awfully boring! And it seems to take at least 77,000 words…

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