showcase of villainy, part iv

Villain Month

As promised, here is the last showcase of the month-long villain series.

This ended up being more difficult than I thought it would be. Just spending time thinking about the antagonists was useful, and it was fantastic seeing other people join in. Thanks to everyone participating!

I spent the week focusing on my last villain of the four I meant to go over, Sorche du Remerdii. I also wrote a closing message and introduced a bonus villain-type, the king’s secret police, nicknamed after the silver masks that they wear.

Saint Know-All finished a few more drawings, and bid farewell to the month.

Nilah wrote a short article about human predators, in regards to the villain month project.

Aldersgatecycle focused on her last villain, Sally Din.

Nymeria wrote about Orion Novak, Dahlia Laras, and posted a gallery of her villain portraits.

And, last, even though she wasn’t actually participating, Worderella was kind enough to write up a few posts on villains on her blog as a kind of villain-month-tribute.

Closing links:

A list of participants
Showcase of villainy, part i
Showcase of villainy, part ii
Showcase of villainy, part iii

Thoughts? Comments? Shall we do this again someday? 🙂

A ‘hero month’ idea has already been put out, and I wouldn’t mind spending some time dedicated to world building as a future project…

10 thoughts on “showcase of villainy, part iv

  1. Sign me up for either a Heroes’ Month or a World Building Month… just, not until August. July is going to be crazy, including a vacation to the beach where, I’m fairly certain, my ability to connect to the Internet will be limited.

  2. 😀 Good to know!

    This was a little exhausting to run between the full-time job, the novel writing, and assorted hobbies. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything like this again until August… and September would be better. Still, this was great for my book, and I’ll definitely think about future events.

  3. Heh, I join in with that Elizaw, though I’d definitely be up for anything in August or September (even though university starts in August, but heeey, a writer doesn’t need sleep, right? 😉 )

    Anyway, this has been a really fun project and a good way to get to know some secondary characters better. Thanks for hosting this 😀

  4. I thought it was a great time! It’s an interesting exercise to take one aspect of writing and tackle it full on, without really worrying about anything else on the side.

    And you did a fantastic job hosting the whole thing! =D It was orderly and easy to understand and a lot of fun.

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  6. I know you’re in the middle of world-building month, but if you’re ever planning on another {blank} month in the future, I think a love interest month would be really useful. I feel that the person the hero ends up with is often less developed than the hero, and love interest month would be a good way to help others alleviate that.

  7. I am totally for a love-interest month.

    Eliza, if that’s something you’re not interested in or if you get a little burnt out from world-building month, I can run it. I mean, not to steal your thunder or anything. I just know how much work goes into organizing events like this and sometimes it’s nice to participate in someone else’s event.

  8. Actually, Belinda, if you want to do that, that would be great; I don’t think I’ll run it, as I made a point for this book to be a romance-less love story (of sorts).

    Still, if you do it after August, or make it a love-interest week even, I’ll plug it here. 🙂

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