invitation to world building month

This is the official invitation!

August is going to be dedicated to world-building, here, and on any other blog or site that wishes to participate. We’re going to be exploring everything; history, art, politics, geography, map-making, town-building, magic, science, rumor mills, everything that provides a setting for writing. Any medium of exploring these topic is welcome, from essays to writing samples to artwork. This is an open project. As with Villain Month, I’ll be showcasing people’s work every week.

Interested in participating? Just leave a comment, and be sure to include the URL where you’ll be posting your own projects.

June’s Villain Month was a great success; here’s hoping that World Building Month can do the same!

25 thoughts on “invitation to world building month

  1. This will be an interesting endeavour I imagine. I came too late to Villain Month, but I’ll give the old ‘stage’ building a whirl. Here’s looking at you, world!

  2. Question: How does this work – do we just submit existing stuff, or revisit something we haven’t completed, or do we start something completely new to participate?

  3. Over the last few months, I’ve done a good deal of world building.
    This month I was going to move on to my villains, of all things.
    It seems like we have opposing agendas!
    But one more month of world building can’t hurt … right? πŸ™‚
    I’m bound to learn a thing or two about the world my characters populate, and I’m always game to learn more about the process of world building.
    Count me in.

  4. Nils– The way I’d planned it, it’s something of an opportunity to work on setting, whether it’s a new setting, somewhere you haven’t gotten to yet, or adding details on an old project. Basically, whatever you think would help you with your own project.

    Cirellio– I’ve noticed you delving into your magic systems quite a bit lately… but then, one can never have enough world-building. Perhaps another angle? πŸ™‚

    I’ll be posting a formal list of participants on the last day of July. πŸ˜€

  5. LOL…
    OK, so the explanation of the magic system ran much longer than I had originally anticipated. But the fifth ring was the last and final post about it.

  6. So how does this work, we each work on our own and check up on others? Or is it more of an open forum here at tales of a fantasy scribbler?

    either way, i think i’m in!

  7. AC Gaughen– It’s more of the former. Everyone works on their own projects, and everyone will get showcased up on my blog at the end of each week. All the participants will be linked up to the blog, and discussion, critique, and questions are all encouraged. Basically, the point is to make a very open group event where everyone can use the month to work on what suits them best in their own projects. πŸ™‚ Love to have you!

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  9. Okay, I am in — I am not yet sure what exactly I’ll do, and I will probably only have half the month to work on stuff (that always happens, it’s the bane of my world building existence) but I think this is a great way to get some work done, it should be fun.

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