dacha’s revenge

I just killed a character. And now I’ve been having a terrible time trying to write.

I really liked the character. But it was time for her to go. I had a situation where it would have been nearly impossible for all three characters to escape from, and this particular woman would have broken a later plot at the end of the chapter. I killed her well, without needing to stretch events to set her up. No ‘I’ll hold them off!’ lines (instant death in almost any genre). It set me up for a great fight scene between a scary-as-hell spearman and my hero.

And I’ve written twenty words on Blue Crystal in the last three days. Like a ghost in a haunted house, I can’t seem to leave that scene.

3 thoughts on “dacha’s revenge

  1. I’ve killed characters I’ve liked too. But, as you know, the needs of the story comes first.

    I hope you can get back into a good writing groove and complete a rough draft in the six-weeks you were hoping for.

  2. i have to kill the lead protagonist in my novel four times! Granted, it’s a sci-fi and allows for this to happen, but each time i really loved it. He’s a very strong and powerful character, and you dont realise he’s cheating death, it just comes up and slaps you in the face. It’s just as cool bringing him back, but not in the way you’d expect either.

    I guess that’s the advantage of writing sci-fi, if you can think it, you can do it!

  3. Maybe I’m just exceptionally cruel to my characters, but I love to kill off characters :p Looking at my protagonists I’m pretty sure not all of them will make it, but then again a well-written death scene can be the opener for so much more character interaction and propel the plot a good way forward.

    Hope you’ll get back into writing again soon!

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