website update

I spent last night working on my website instead of writing (bad Eliza), though as it had been two years since its last update it was really well overdue.

I have down a rough draft of the design, and it’s navigable, though none of the sparse content I’ve added is final. I’m a little uncertain about the top blue stripe, and a web design friend of mine thinks that the bottom curve is too much. Any constructive criticism is appreciated!

3 thoughts on “website update

  1. All right, as a web developer/designer I’m going to be detailed, a.k.a. maybe a little nitpicky. But I do it out of love.

    I really like your navigation, especially the bottom flourish. However, it’s a tiny bit jarring that the navigational buttons have a gradient and the flourish doesn’t.

    The navigation also seems a bit wider than it needs to be… your menu items don’t take up that much space even though the name of your website does. The blue in your navigation doesn’t match the blue of your page background. I suggest using a contrasting color on the navigation so you don’t have to worry about matching.

    In comparison to your navigation, your main content area is a little sparse. Your default font size is small, especially when comparing to the navigation font size. I agree with your friend that the curve is too much. Since I love that navigational flourish so much, I think it would be cool to place a similar flourish on the top-right corner of the main content area. This will help balance the page, I suspect.

    People with large resolutions are going to hate that your website is left-aligned. If possible, try to center float the entire layout to make better use of the space.

    All in all, I do like the design. Obviously my comments are more tweaking than major edits. Good job!

  2. Thanks, Belinda! That’s exactly what I needed! think that instead of using a gradient on the flourishes, I’ll see if I can’t stick the charcoal elsewhere to make it more uniform, but I’ll see what I can do with the other suggestions. I think I will change that bottom curve, possibly center the page… 😀

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