Over the weekend, I’ve revamped my home page.

It’s been long overdue. I still need to put in some of my new art (most of what I have there in my galleries are from 2006) and I need to change the confirmation page on the email form (it’s on a wonky default format), but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it.

Most notably, I now have a mailing list! Anyone who would like to be notified about my novel without wanting to bother listening to me ramble in my blog can go to http://elizawyatt.net, enter in their email address, and will be noted when it’s ready for pre-order.

In other news, World Building Month is officially over. I’m halfway done with compiling the last showcase, and I apologize that I haven’t been around this last week. I’m currently about 92,000 words into my book, halfway through the last chapter. Writing the last twenty percent, I’ve heard, is harder than the previous eighty, and they’re right. Now that I’ve slogged through it, I think that writing a last chapter is comparable to climbing up a wall by one’s fingernails. Isn’t writing glamorous?


8 thoughts on “elizawyatt.net

  1. I certainly found the last bit hardest. Partly it’s because the consequences of every little off plot decision you made come back to bite, partly it’s that you’ve got to tie everything up. Mostly though, I found myself almost not wanting to finish, because I was devoting so much time to it. You get a sort of ‘what on earth am I going to do now?’ phase.

  2. You are close enough, that you really need to put everything else on the back burner and concentrate on writing those last 5000 words. So, I don’t want to be seeing any lengthy blog post for you until you have a rough draft complete. If I do, it means you are using the blog to procrastinate.

    Get ‘er done! šŸ™‚

  3. Indeed. … You’ll notice that I still haven’t posted the last World Building Month showcase yet.

    I’ll return sometime later during the week, I think. šŸ™‚ Stay tuned!

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