I gave my notice at work today. I’m a project lead, not a tester, so I gave three week’s notice instead of two. Starting October, I’ll be officially writing full time. I have savings enough to live comfortably (if frugally) for several years. I’m also going to be moving to a small town in another state, between a lake and a mountain. Farm country.

On the wall beside my desk at work I taped a piece of paper, on which I’ve written, “Please don’t annoy the writer. She may put you in a book and kill you.” On the bottom left corner of that sheet I’ve taped up a dove candy wrapper. It’s nothing special, just wrinkled aluminum with a fortune cookie type message printed on the inside. This one says, ‘Be fearless.’

I think I’ll take that one with me when I go.

As for the book’s progress (for the curious)… I’m starting the last scene of the last chapter of the second draft.

5 thoughts on “fearless

  1. Heh. I decided not to mention my boyfriend going back to college at the same time, nor how he’s been talking about wanting to propose in the next year (insert Squeeing noises), nor how I’ve never lived in one house for over two years. I’m probably at least partway desensitized…? Or possibly just a crazy person who thrives off of chaos.

  2. Wow! That’s a huge step to take. Congratulations and good luck! That’s something I don’t have the guts for yet (especially since I just started grad school two weeks ago).

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