almost on schedule

In other news, it appears that I’m not dead. šŸ™‚

It’s been a hectic few weeks, leaving the story virtually untouched as the house gets remodeled. It’s hard to think about writing in a house mostly lacking heat, not to mention the predominant smell of fresh paint and a roofer tromping back and forth directly above one’s head. The wrong carpet was ordered (we’ve got our furniture on pressboard), which means that everything gets moved out of the carpeted rooms and back in again as of a week from today. I have also refrained from blogging about off-topic adventures, such as ‘My car protests the northern Idaho cold’, or ‘Why is the cat in the duct work?’, and “Haha, let’s not try to transport drywall on top of the car again’.

We have three and a half days until November 1st. Despite all these little adventures, I’ve been getting ready for NaNoWriMo. I even suspect that taking this month off to do so much distracting house work was good for me. My mom contends that truly excellent fiction is written by people who have experience in real-life situations and relationships, that pure escapism deadens even the most poetic prose. I’m not sure if that’s entirely it (reading and writing often helps), but I wouldn’t discount the thought.

Note to self: get a life.

I’ll see you guys in November!


3 thoughts on “almost on schedule

  1. Good luck!

    Especially with that cat thing. In our first apartment one of my mom’s cats snuck into a hole that let him under the floor, and I just had to hope we’d see him again — and once we did, I had tape the closet door shut so he wouldn’t do it again.

  2. Good luck with your November Effort!

    It’s true I’m not a big fan of NaNo… but it’s nice to see you focused on a quest! Go get ’em!!!

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