welcome to 2009!

It’s a brand new day, and the sun is high,
All the angels sing, ’cause you’re gonna die…

Wait. Wrong song.

I promised to show my progress for the novel today. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped.


See where the graph leveled out? That, my friends, is a combination of burn-out, Christmas, and the low-level-yet-miserable-cold-from-hell. Instead of sitting on a finished novel, my hoped-for 50,000 December word count stands at a measly 31k.

I’m trying to feel bad about this. It’s not coming. Ah well. Back to the last 19k words, and I’m back to blogging regularly. Happy new year everyone! And expect posts on editing from me in the near future. That’ll be my focus for the next few months.

Cheers, and happy writing!

Eliza Wyatt

One thought on “welcome to 2009!

  1. I’m fairly sure 31000 isn’t measly. Or at least I hope not, because it just happens to be the amount of my apparently annual ‘I got bored and started writing over Christmas’ novel.

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