burning sulfur

So, I’m up late writing. And because of the events in my book (underground city, some volcanic activity) I needed to know what happened when sulfur gets set on fire. I knew it was flamable, but the color, for instance, and to what degree escaped me.

… Apparently, this is what happens: [link]

See those fantastic blue rivers glowing in the dark, halfway down the page? That’s liquid sulfur.

What an amazing effect.


2 thoughts on “burning sulfur

  1. Not quite. Molten sulfur (or solidified) as pictured is generally harmless, but burning sulfur combines it with oxygen to form sulfur dioxide! Sulfur dioxide is certainly not pleasant: http://msds.chem.ox.ac.uk/SU/sulfur_dioxide.html. Just melting sulfur produces enough sulfur and sulfur dioxide gas that being around it would be rather unpleasant, from experience.

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