introducing a group, part ii

After my last post, about how to introduce several characters, and the distinctions between character and setting, I thought that I’d go visit Gav Thorp’s blog ‘Mechanical Hamster‘ and ask him if he would be willing to say a few words on the subject. I really love Gav’s advice– he writes some really excellent articles on writing tips and craft. Anyone interested in advanced creative writing should stop by and browse through the archives.

Much to my delight, Gav obliged me and wrote a long, detailed post on how to handle secondary characters that really addressed some of the problems I was having. You can find it here, and I think it’s well worth a read.

Thanks, Gav!

3 thoughts on “introducing a group, part ii

  1. A useful overview. I actually had a character once who I intended to be around for maybe two scenes, and he ended up taking over about a third of the novel.

    • Well, I had several problems that were bothering me concerning that topic. I don’t do any editing until the book is done, but I have a fairly good idea how to tackle each one now. It may be a topic best saved for another day?

      I will say this, though. You can’t pull character independent of plot. I’ve tried, in the interest of background detail– it just doesn’t work. If you’re going to paint a face, it must be accompanied by interaction, however minimal.

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