how do you prepare for nano?

Personally, I’ve been haunting the fantasy forums and coyly posting whenever I see some opportunity to show off (at least I’m honest?), then wondering if I could be writing out a detailed plot. Notes on the church bulletins during the announcements, daydreaming situations… really, though, I think the best way to set out a tone is to write out bits and pieces.

I had an idea for a scene and tone that I liked a short while ago. I can’t write for nano yet, but so long as I don’t use my samples for my wordcount, it’s all good.

Here’s something that I came up with:

“You’re going to spar, Miss Soarin?” Leo asked, and forced a smile. He stepped carefully away from Merrily, hands held behind his back in what he considered a respectful pose.

“Yep!” Merrily hoisted up the hem of her lemon-yellow gingham skirt. “I’ve got trousers on. See?”

Her trousers were brown, the sort of stiff canvas that the Soarin boys wore about the yard. The garment fit her so well that the cut suggested tailoring. He could imagine a healthy Misses Soarin laboring by lamplight with measuring tape and needle… Leo stopped his imagination there and tried not to think about Merrily’s legs. “But… why not just wear trousers? You might take off your skirts…”

Merrily’s smile turned at once, and she sent him a pointed glare, dropped the hem of her skirt, and marched off toward her brothers and their sand bag targets.

Leo fumbled, grasped for something else to say. He certainly hadn’t meant it as an insult; he needed to make it better. “… Mechanics wear trousers!”

That probably wasn’t it.

So… anyone else doing NaNo want to write snippets along with me? Comment with a link; I’ll post them on my site.

5 thoughts on “how do you prepare for nano?

  1. Omg, that’s hilarious! ^^

    I don’t have anything for this NaNo yet, except for some notes I made at breakfast. If you visit my blog though, you’ll find the edited version of my first NaNo win.

  2. Ah, the awkwardness of a crush. You play it for humor very well. 🙂

    I’m prepping for NaNo by upping my wordcount day by day so Nov. 1st isn’t a total shock. I haven’t yet, but I’ll likely post excerpts as an extra incentive. Something about posting it to the public makes you realize, “Hm, I better not write total crap.” 😀

    • It’s funny; his crush turned out to be a lot more obvious than I originally planned– everyone can see it. Maybe I can’t do subtle too well. Then again, he is fifteen.

      Let me know when you post something you want me to link to! 🙂

    • Ha! Probably when I get another idea for a scene (or NaNo starts, whichever comes first). I’ve been doing a very detailed outline to figure out how the story is going to go– you did see the Uriel bit I put up, right? 🙂

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