steampunk hero

My ‘Leo Gallows’ WIP.

Obviously, I will never excel at art. I see it coming together, think, “You have the idea!” and rush off to detail other characters. As always, I may or may not finish this. 🙂 Isn’t he going to be cute with Merrily? The evil things I’m going to do to those two… mwahahaha!


4 thoughts on “steampunk hero

    • I always found eyes easy– I just treat them like uncut jewels. It’s the hair that really took forever. I spent half the night trying to figure out how to style it. The original ‘normal’ hair looked awful.

  1. “Will never excel at art”? LIES, I say. This is excellent for a rough work! Do you use a tablet? I’ve been practicing with mine a lot lately, and I really enjoy it — maybe I should try to paint some of my characters…

    • Well, art probably needs to be finished… And I doubt this one will be. Heh? I have a tablet, yes, and now I can’t draw without it. I did some dang nifty things with a mouse, though.

      You know. The few that I got around to finishing….

      Anyway, go for it. Can’t hurt, right?

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