chicken redux

How quickly they grow up…

I haven’t posted pictures of my girls since they were in ratty ugly-chick phase. I must rectify this (so long as I can’t leave home, but feel too restless to lay in bed like a good patient).

Pat, the mystery chick.


Silver Phoenix


Rosamund Rosamund has gotten to be quite pretty. Also, it turns out she’s an easter-egger, not an americauna. She lays olive-green eggs, not blue.

Some were sold. Those remaining all have names now.

The Easter-Eggers: Ana and Rosamund
Silver Spangled Hamburgs: Reina, Sylvia, Bawk-Bawk, and Frau Blucher
Andalusians: Pat (Patricia), Banshee, and Touch-Me-Not
Silver Phoenixes: Miss Hood and Eriko

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