obligatory new year’s post

A quick note on the new year. It’s hardly original, I know, but why fight tradition?

Major things done this year:

  • Started a new job teaching computer science at the local college.
  • Met my boyfriend, got engaged. Did I mention the engagement?
  • Wrote the second half of Blue Crystal, version 3.0. Revised to 3.1.
  • Let betas tear apart version 3.1. Started 3.2.
  • Started ‘The Artificer’s Angels’! Currently have 56k on v1.0.

Goals for 2010:

  • Finish Blue Crystal 3.2. Edit for typos.
  • Take Blue Crystal agent shopping.
  • Get married. One week in Germany, the next in Italy.
  • Finish The Artificer’s Angels.
  • Finish my Beta-Reader website. I’ll tell you guys more about that later.

Anyone else have any ambitious plans for next year?

7 thoughts on “obligatory new year’s post

  1. Your 2010 goals look way exciting. 🙂

    I’m really pushing myself this year, writing-wise. Write the second draft of a werewolf novel, push Gemini City through two more drafts, and write the first draft of its (sort-of) sequel. It should be…interesting.

  2. Happy New Year and good luck on the writing goals. Oh and let me know if you need more beta readers, always happy to help in that regard (This is Nymeria87 btw. just in case you remember me from my old blog. Did some re-vamping there).

    Yay for writing goals for 2010 and vacations to Germany (I’ll be going home for two weeks in March and can’t wait).

    • Nymeria! Yes, I remember. Love the new picture. 🙂

      I’ll let you know– Blue Crystal may be moving on, but The Artificer’s Angels is coming up next, and that’s a highly fun romp so far. Once I get closer to finishing the beta reader site I’ll set you know. I’ve been inventing some fun systems to connect beta readers to writers.

  3. I wanted to finish; ‘And The Stars Ran Red’ and, hey, I did. That leaves me a tiny bit of time left in 2010 to pursue new endeavours. Start on my second novel, edit my first draft of ‘Ran Red and maybe squeeze in a written-word web serial. Not done that last one before, so we’ll see.

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