where did you get your novel ideas?

Nathan Bransford started this question, but I thought it interesting enough to relay. How did you get ‘the’ idea for whatever it is you’re writing?

Here are mine:

Blue Crystal

Why do ghosts wear clothes?

It’s not part of their soul. Neither is their face, their body… these images that represent them aren’t them, not really. They can’t be. You’re seeing a spiritual memory. And if bodies and clothes can be conjured from memory, what can’t?


The Artificer’s Angels

Resurrection is possible, but illegal. They’re going to kill him, if they can.

One thought on “where did you get your novel ideas?

  1. I think ‘And The Stars Ran Red’ came out of watching some science documentary about the universe (could have been the BBC’s SPACE) and the extended life of Red Dwarf stars. They talked about a time where, possibly, those red stars could be the only living ball of anything floating about out there.

    Got me to thinking, a universe of just red… what would humans be like, how the hell would we survive. That’s pretty much it for the foundation, from there I just decided to narrow down the epic nature of such a question and turn it into a more personal – smaller scale – storyline.

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