the six writing ‘rules’

Copied from the piece of lined paper taped beside my computer. They help me.

1. Let bad stuff happen.

2. If it sucks, write it anyway.

3. Make every scene go somewhere.
3.1. Surprises are a good thing. Don’t make your outline a Bible.
3.2. No, you don’t need to know where you’re going.
3.3. The enemy’s gate is down.

4. Rediculous is fine.
4.1. “You were once pushed headfirst through someone’s vagina. Why are you acting so dignified?” (Shamelessly lifted from XKCD.)

5. When painted into a corner, break a window.

6. Rules are evil. Pay them no attention.


2 thoughts on “the six writing ‘rules’

  1. These are great tips! I especially like the one about not allowing the outline to be a Bible. I hope I get some suprises while writing. I also like “if it sucks, write it anyway.”

    • Thanks! They’re not really ‘rules’, but I always find myself arguing with formal guidelines. These are the things that help me the most.

      In particular, I need to keep number four in mind. It’s easy to write a darker project and find yourself never lightening up.

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