writer link – the writer’s database

So, I’m back to (slowly) working on The Artificer’s Angels again (huzzah!).

And I thought to myself tonight, “You know what I really need while I’m avoiding this paragraph? A nifty online word-per-day word count tool that’s available online. But not a word count widget. More of a graph-thing… that remembers your project…”

So I waste yet more time searching the internet for a writer-toy. Yes, I’m a very focused person. But I did find a small website dedicated to managing your projects’ word count, the markets you write to, and where you’ve submitted your work.

Alright, sure, you could use Excel, too, but I thought this was highly nifty.


3 thoughts on “writer link – the writer’s database

  1. I have to admit to using Excel spread sheets frequently when I’m writing! More to keep track on total word count, and the chapter sizes … but I also add in key facts, chapter titles etc …
    Amazing how much extra stuff goes into writing a novel that people don’t necessarily think of!
    C-C xx

    • That’s certainly the sensible thing to do. The problem for me is that… well… I’m something of a data fanatic. I’d never get any work done at all.

      I also like the fact that I can access my word count graphs from anywhere. It’ll make things easy, come the frenzy that is November-writing.

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