advice i got at norwescon

Hey guys! My computer is down, sortof dead, so my posts will be few and far between. My apologies.

In any case, Norwescon was amazing. I didn’t know beforehand that Heather Dale was going to be there, which made an already incredible weekend rave-worthy. Those of you who don’t know Heather Dale, go to youtube. Listen to her song Joan or Mordred’s Lullaby. Then go to and buy her cds. She sings like an angel, and she’s a complete sweetheart on top of it. Oh, and she does tons of songs on King Arthur.

In any case, Norwescon was full of writers and published authors. I dressed in a corset, I went to tons of writing panels, I found a writer’s social and found out that there’s a writing workshop that I need to sign up for next year, I got inspired and wrote a lot. And I got some neat advice that I’ll write here for you.

– To read: 10% Solution, by Ken Rand
Apparently, this is a very good book on writing craft. I have not seen it yet, but I will try it out.

– “You do not have to sell your books in the order that they were written.”
As I’m still debating on what to do with Blue Crystal when I’m on a Artificer’s Angels, this made me feel better.

– “Have two different problems going on, so at the end they solve each other.”
This was mostly applicable to short stories, but something to keep in mind nonetheless.

And last, but not least… and something I’ve never thought of…
– “Follow the money.”
Now, context is important on this one. This refers to world building, not audience-pleasing. Where are the money capitals in your world, and what the hell are they doing? Figure that out, even if it’s not part of the story.

In light of my dead computer, The week before I hardly wrote, and this week I’m overshooting my ROW80 vows. I’ll post a graph or something later. Until then!

4 thoughts on “advice i got at norwescon

  1. Hi!
    I had just found your blog right before your hiatus earlier this year. Just checking back and glad to see you are posting again. I’m working on my first fantasy novel and really enjoy your posts.


  2. Howdy from another fantasy writer. NOWESCON is one I’ve wanted to attend but have never. Might be able to use the tickets I have for the Fantasy Con in San Diego later this year, though work might cheat me out of time off. Neil Gaiman is going to be there and I wanted to hear his panels.

    Enjoyed your blog and will check back again soon.

  3. Ken Rand’s booklet is interesting–I bought mine used online so I felt like I paid too much for it.

    The bit about “two problems” sounds interesting, but how, I wonder? Without creating artificial or too-easy solutions.

    • I think the only reasonable answer to that question is based entirely on what you’re working on? 🙂

      Twisting multiple problems into a misunderstood train wreck is a technique I’m very, very fond of, but at that point I think it runs off intuition and ‘what if she thought…?’ moments.

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