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So, my writing really suffered when my computer died mid-month. Bad Eliza. No cookie. But as I’ve been writing one thousand words a day or so since Norwescon, maybe that can make up for it?

In other news, I’ve finally gotten back the reins on my plot, I’ve broken 100k words (which means it’s much too long, but we’ll cut that down later), and I can see my planned climax coming over my metaphorical hill.

Huzzah! Victory!

Anyone interested in beta-reading a rough-draft YA Steampunk Fantasy? The end is in sight.

4 thoughts on “row80 – april update

  1. Congratulations on steamrolling ahead despite mishap!

    I’m very interested in beta-reading it. My email is ashley(dot)nava(at)gmail(dot)com 😀

    • Excellent! *dances a happy dance* It’ll just be a rough draft with a touch of polishing, so big issues only– characters, plot, predictions, impressions. I shall email you!

  2. Behold, I am a chicken about commenting, and I am still leaving a comment. Happy? 😉 Anyway, you can hopefully guess my not-so-secret identity. 🙂

    I’ve read the first fair chunk of it, and I’d enjoy reading the rest! Tactically, I’m probably best at the polishing stage (grammar; paragraphs; homonym glitches; chapter flow), but I’m also happy to read it twice. 🙂

  3. Over 100K? That deserves a HUGE cookie, plus a gold star. Who cares you’ll have to cut it down, that’s for draft number two! In the meantime, you rock! I am officially in awe. I would love to read your book, but I fear I’m about to suffer more real life interludes. Gulp!*whispers* Day job…..

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