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I’ve been writing since I can hold a pen, though it’s only been since my mid-twenties that I’ve written work I can really be proud of. I love the fantasy genre in particular, but I’m also a bit of a nut for classic literature, from Shakespeare to Austen to Verne. Anyone who think early English lit hasn’t realized just how saucy Chaucer was. (No, really. Google it– that man said… things.)

Professionally, I work as a PHP developer– the sort of code that makes fancy webpages like this work behind the scenes. I also read, cook, bake, draw, sew (I have an entire room dedicated to crafts), dance, garden, blog, and I tend to haunt my local town’s small businesses. Particularly their coffee shops, bakeries, and art stores.

I live in the Seattle area, and I participate in NaNoWriMo every November (National Novel Writing Month). I also have been known to visit the local nerd conventions and run with the steampunk crowd. I’m obnoxiously friendly; if you drop me a line, I’ll try to get back to you. And hey, if you’re local, coffee and chatting are always good things.

12 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hello! I am a 30 year old fantasy/fiction dabbler… Your blog was a nice find! … Will read more of you… Good luck with the stories! Hope you find time to write more!

  2. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog 🙂 Love your blog btw… I’m copying Edward, you’re going on the blogroll 🙂 Good luck with the novel, it sounds like something I’d love to read, so here’s hoping you get published.

  3. I love fantasy. Although I write in many different areas, I’m currently working on a paranormal fantasy novel right now and am thoroughly enjoying it. Good luck with Blue Crystal.

    • Thank you so much! In all honesty, I’d been neglecting it for a while; I’m just shaking out the dust now.

      Come back later and I’ll have some new book discussions up!

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