Blue Crystal

Cover Art (sketch)

Lady Wyrren Jadis, political hostage to the king, began digging into the court’s dirty secrets for blackmail. What she found led to the source of a plague, a vanished order of city guardsmen, a recipe for attracting malevolent spirits, and a conspiracy that could destroy much of the city Vastii. Someone in the palace will kill to see their secret protected. They already have.

Between the threat of prison, the court’s corrupt politics, the willfully blind king, and the rebellious commons, it’s hard to know who Wyrren’s real enemy is.

Maybe Vastii deserves to fall.

Blue Crystal is a novel of action, intrigue, and dark fantasy, complete at 96,000 words. It is currently unpublished.

2 thoughts on “Blue Crystal

  1. Have you considered releasing your novel as a podcast/audio book to drum up an audience and possibly a publisher? Releasing a section or chapter at a time could garner the attention it might need to get picked up. If nothing else, it would be a fun project.

    – untitled

    • That could be an option, but I’m not quite satisfied with Blue Crystal as it is. It’s a good book, but it could be better. Once I’m done with The Artificer’s Angels I’ll read through it again and figure out what I want to do with it.

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