It’s been a while since I paid attention to this blog, and now that I’m taking a look at it with fresh eyes… well, I see some things I’d like to change.

Expect some things to be moved around and altered over the next week– fresh pages, better organization, the works.

not quite dead (and an anniversary!)

Wow. That was something of a hiatus. Two months. I didn’t think it would be that long.

I blame stress.

Some things have changed since I was last here. The word count meter has gone up several thousand words– I’m a chapter away now from finishing my third draft. It looks like I’ll have a nice steady job teaching here in Idaho; they’ve added a third class for next fall. It’s not a high-paying job, but I enjoy it when it’s not driving me crazy. I also have gotten myself a new boyfriend. His very catholic family has not met me, but very much do not approve nonetheless (mostly because I’m protestant– I feel as if I’m in Ireland). Oh, and I’m getting some baby chicks in a few weeks. In the mail. It’s all very strange.

Moving on!

I promised everyone an anniversary announcement. As of last March, this blog is one year old! As of today, we’ve seen 13,857 hits since opening. Huzzah! Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this blog! You’re all wonderful.

I’ll be busy for a few weeks yet, then blessedly free when the school semester ends. Nonetheless, I’ve neglected this blog for far too long. Expect regular posts from me in the near future.



reading block

Sorry for the lack of updates lately… for the last month or so, I’ve been hit with a really severe reading block.

Not really a writing block (though I haven’t done much of that, either). It’s more of a sick listlessness that I get when I pick up a book. Part pessimism, part weariness, part complete lack of attention span. I’m not sure why. It might be the season. It might be that the snowcrete (snow partially melted, then frozen to a rock-hard shell) and isolation have kept me indoors and the lack of exercise and sunlight are getting to me… Maybe depression, maybe stress, maybe literary burn-out. Maybe everything combined.

Have you ever had a dream in college where you suddenly realized that you had signed up for one extra class, but then forgot about it, and never attended and it’s almost time for the final? I’ve been having that dream in reverse. I dream that there was one other class that I was supposed to teach, but forgot all about, and my students have been without an instructor for weeks.

Anyway, this blog may go into hibernation mode until that changes.


dr. horrible (a fangirl moment)

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, by Joss Whedon. (Watch it. Trust me.)

Joss Whedon knows how to tell a story. Give him a medium. He’ll tell a story, and he’ll do it with style. Not to mention snappy comeback lines.

I don’t want to spoil anything, since it just came out, and we’ll have to wait another two days until the last installment is put out. I will say that I adored the first and last song of Part II, and will probably watch this several times over and try to figure out why I’m such a fan of the dorky protagonist.

showcase of villainy, part i

Villain Month

A week has passed since we started Villain Month! I’m really impressed by what people have come up with so far, so this is the first of four weekly showcases. Participants are listed in the order they signed up, then entries from oldest to newest.

I spent the week working on Lord Kione Remerdii, from my novel ‘Blue Crystal’.

Saint Know-All spent the last week developing Archduke Richard Khiro.

LeLoOr has been working on Leonard Geier.

Karma Girl spent the week developing Veruca Marinme’.

Nilah spent the week contemplating her villain Redtooth, and came up with an idea for his motivation: envy.

Aldersgatecycle made a very in-depth post on Queen Maelys I, covering a bit of plot, a bit of quotes, personality, and basic facts.

Dory made a post titled ‘The Sorrowful Mind of a Villain‘ on– unnamed to make the thoughts easier to relate to.

Nymeria examined Arturiel Valyr on her journal.

Amber (Terrorcookie) decided to develop her villain by haiku— she has two of them now, and a journal post serving as her central page.

And finally, Oliva wrote a long, very detailed character sheet for her villain Charles de Paul.

… Wow. Great job, you guys! I’m really impressed by what everyone has come up with so far!

A full list of participants can be found here, with links to their various websites. I’ll be posting another full showcase next Saturday, so stay turned!

Looking forward to next week’s projects!

1000 hits!

A quick note. 🙂

I started this blog mid-March, about two months ago. As of this morning, we’ve reached 1000 hits on this blog! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, for whatever reason! I hope that I’ve been able to share something noteworthy, even if nothing more than snarky comments.

If anyone has a hankering to cover a topic, or something in particular that they’d like to see, just leave me a message. I’d love to find a way to make this more interesting.


writer’s blogs

I’ve come across a post on E. E. Knight’s journal that happens to mention the urls of a number of other working fantasy authors’ blogs. So I’ve taken down the names, added them to the rss feeds that I’ll be following for a bit, and I’ll keep or delete them as I go through the list.

This is what I generally look for when I browse writer’s blogs: craft tips, but not ones that smack of a lecture– I hate hard-and-fast rules (the words Show, Don’t Tell make me twitch); experiences though the publication process, what to expect, what to look out for; personal struggles with specific craft/character/plot problems while working on a book, because it makes me feel as though I’m not alone and because I like to see how people work through these problems. I suppose that when you add all these up, what I’m looking for is a virtual mentor, someone who will neither preach at me nor whine for attention. Someone who I’d actually read, and admire at least one aspect of their style. I haven’t actually gotten to picking out E. E. Knight’s books, but his page has a nice, approachable tone to it, he’ll reply back to commenters, and he actually has a number of posts on craft that can make me stop and consider what he has to say, even if I don’t always agree completely.

Here’s hoping for the next batch of journals. I’ll keep things posted.