vastii cityscape

So, I’m really not good at art, portraits aside (and those I’m demi-mediocre at, but I digress). That said, I’ve wanted to draw a cityscape of my Blue Crystal setting, Vastii, for some time. This one’s not great, but it may be just good enough to try a 3d version later.


Edit – A few hours later…

Vastii City

characterization of a city

While I was building my fantasy city, it occurred to me that settings need as much, if not more, characterization as characters. Think about it. Outward appearance? Of course. Strengths and weaknesses? So to speak, though it might differ a little from how we think of character traits. History? Far more than any singular character I’ve ever made. Cities live longer, and its history is a fuzzy mirror of the people who have lived there.

As long as people are going to fill out those long character sheets for people, they might want to start doing the same for the places their books cover.