random writing snippet

I later shortened this to a twitter-short, but here’s the original. 43 words.

Miss Dellia always thought it best to keep one’s heart on a leash, rather than their sleeve. In her case it was on a brass chain, mounted with wire and a modified portion of candelabra. Most took it for a strange, wet handbag.

I’m not sure who this Miss Dellia is, but she was last seen here, almost exactly one year prior.


I’ve never done flash fiction before.

Supposedly, this is about the time in my book’s progression that I should really start networking, so when I start dancing about, screaming, ‘I published the book I published the book!’ someone might actually take notice. A blog is nice. I can take care of a blog. Something like twitter? Not so much. And yet… a few days ago I found a contest that I thought had a fun prize (free critiques and editing from a published author. One of the ways to enter was to friend said author on twitter. Painless, right?

I never had done flash fiction before. I’m finding it surprisingly fun, though I suspect that I’m bad at it. So. Here’s my new twitter account, and this is the latest bit of fluff to fall out of my head:

Mark thought that he said his proposal very well, on one knee in a park’s rose garden. She considered it. “Ok. But stop wearing my clothes.”