round of words signup

A round of words in 80 days: A writing event where you set your own goals.

It starts tomorrow, so I’m volunteering last minute. I crashed on NaNoWriMo 2010, and since this event is a little more forgiving, I’m back at it.

So, my goal for the next eighty days is this: 250 words per day or more, five days a week.

It’s not much, so I won’t drive myself crazy on the days it just won’t come, and I get days off. And, if I get inspired, I can make much better progress.

Wish me luck!

1 day left – 100%

The revision is done. Blue Crystal now stands just over 96,200 words.

No more rough edits. No more large-scale rewrites. Edits are put off until after NaNoWriMo, but after that, I’ll scrub out whatever typos and awkwardness my test readers have found and prepare my query letter.

7 days left – about 95.7%

Rylan sat back in his chair. His manacles dug into his back. “I think she’d rather die than marry you.”

“Are you certain that you’re not speaking of yourself?”

“I’d rather die than marry you, too.”

1500 words by midnight. (And the snippet amused me. Rylan doesn’t get to be funny nearly enough.)

With all of the changes I’ve been making to the plot, my traditional progress bar is less than effective. Since my typical chapters run about 5-8k, I’m guessing that tonight’s effort is about 22% of the last chapter (ish). It’s progress, at any rate.

one chapter to go

Blue Crystal
(Current) Word count: 99,050.

Table of contents:

  1. Chapter One: Vastii in Black
  2. Chapter Two: The Celestite Baron
  3. Chapter Three: Paid in Sand
  4. Chapter Four: A Walk in the Dark
  5. Chapter Five: Bloody Hands
  6. Chapter Six: Mercenaries and Fire
  7. Chapter Seven: Terms of Endearment
  8. Chapter Eight: New Years Day
  9. Chapter Nine: Nature
  10. Chapter Ten: Duty
  11. Chapter Eleven: Vastii in Red
  12. Chapter Twelve: Three Faces in Filigree
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Catch a Star

‘Three Faces in Filigree’ is written. After Catch a Star, this draft will be finished, and I can start editing.

There are days you think, “What am I doing, how can I hope to tie everything up, how can I make the ending unpredictable yet still make sense?”. And then there are days when you read over the previous chapter titles, remember what happened in each, and suddenly feel so satisfied.

happy singles awareness day!

Alright, I’m a day early. It’s probably tomorrow off in Russia, though, so the title stays.

This is just a short update on the novel progress. I’m now sitting at 92,645 words. I’ve just finished chapter eleven last night. I’ve got two more chapters before the book is done, so I’m predicting that this draft will hit about 105k. 1,000 words a day, and I should be done before March.

Also, I’m very pleased with my reveal. I’d been worried about handling it right. Now for the grand finale!

Oh, and happy singles awareness day. 🙂

fear of tension

I once read somewhere that the last 20% of a book is harder to write than all the 80% before it. I’ve been opening my book lately, rereading the last lines (right before a minor fight scene, major discovery, and pre-discussed setting), and I promptly freeze up and try to think of something else that I could do.

It’s a little like drawing. I have sketchbooks filled with character sketches, half-finished, because I’m too afraid to draw the second eye. I’m terrified that they won’t match and that I’ll have indented and smudged the paper if I get it wrong. There’s nothing worse than a very cool character that comes out cross-eyed.

I always do this before important scenes. I do this in drawing… I even do this when I’m reading. Sometimes it’s so hard to open up a book and read that first page. And when I do work up the nerve, I sit down and gush it all out at once, like a tsunami when the tide was due to come in. My goal for today is to end that scene… be it five hundred words or five thousand.

Anybody else run into this problem? How do you get over it?