weekly goal

Current Wordcount: 41,048 words
Last Week’s Goal: 41,000 words
Next Week’s Goal: 45,000 words

I made my word count! Even if I had to stay up till midnight last night to do it. Since my writing buddy is going to be gone, I increased my target goal slightly, and I should be able to beat it.

Villain Week begins the Sunday after tomorrow.

weekly goal, and a short hiatus

I both did and did not make my word count goal last week. I wrote enough to satisfy the 3,000 words. I also had to erase most of them. So my word count didn’t change much by last Friday.

I’m going to call it good and keep my word-count goal the same. 41k, by this Friday. It’s not as far as I thought I’d be at, but since my role-play internet-writing friend is going to be gone for two weeks after this week I expect I’ll be getting a lot more done. (Incidentally, I’ve also planted lots of strawberries and am studying Spanish every day again. I lose one distraction, I gain five more. Alas…)

I’m also going to be busy with my real-life job all week; a bunch of project-stuff all came up at once. I’ll still be able to respond to comments, email, but I’m not going to be posting much or browsing the sites on my blog list so faithfully.

Cheers, and see you guys next week!

writing goal update

I promised a word count update on Friday. I’m a day late, but the numbers remain:

Goal: 36,000 words
Reached: 37,778 words

Not too shabby. The two-thousand I wrote last Saturday didn’t hurt either, though I found I had to take about five hundred of those out because I didn’t write the end of the chapter. I think my characters should be forced, not escorted, to the mercenaries’ lair. It fits so much better.

Next Friday: 41,000 words. It’s just a bit higher than last week’s goal. Wish me luck!

the weekend sprint

Last Thursday I wrote a post on writing goals, intending to switch to weekly goals instead of monthly goals. By next Friday, I was to have passed 36,000 words. And then I promptly went to Seattle and wrote over two-thousand words in one night. I’m nearly a thousand words over this week’s goal already, and I’ve got four more days to go.

I like this part of my book. It threw me for a few unexpected loops, but I seem to be hanging in there. I’m in the middle of an important battle, and I’m going back to focus on the mercenaries soon. Let’s hope it doesn’t completely break my outline before chapter nine. Everything seems to be clicking into place, plots and sub-plots weaving themselves better than I thought I could do on my second time through. Rewriting this a second time seems less daunting right now.

I wonder how long I can keep this up…

I also just found out that a fellow I knew from my old church that we went to (in Seattle, when we didn’t live across the state) is a published fantasy author– Jeffrey Overstreet. In the spirit of the publishing/writing business, I pounced on his book and blog immediately. *dances the happy networking dance*

may writing goals (and april followup)

To meet my writing goal for April I needed to get my story up to 40,000 words. Instead it’s now just over 33,000. Even including the rewrite of the first chapter (7,500 words) I’m not particularly happy with this. I’ve been trying to write 500 words every day (on this project– I have no trouble pounding out two thousand a night on my text-rpg), but I haven’t been consistent about it.

Let’s try something else, then. 3,000 words every week for May. That should make a monthly goal of about 12,000, and put me up to 45,000 by June, which is just under my half-way point.

I’ll start checking in every Fridays, starting next week.

april goals

I’ve started doing word count goals for myself.

While I don’t really think a word count really accurately measures work on a project… or emphasize quality… I find that the numbers really help me. Last November I participated in NaNoWriMo and finished my 0-draft on my book, and now I wonder if I ever would have gotten it done if I hadn’t forced myself to keep writing.

Granted. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for those unfamiliar with the term) has a 50,000 word goal. To meet that I needed to write 1,667 words every day. My goal for April is less ambitious. Right now my book has broken 26,000 words. By next month I’d like it to have reached 40,000. I average five thousand words in every chapter, eight pages in my word documents. Statistically, that would put me with three more completed chapters by May. And I should finally get to some of the fun fighting scenes that I’ve been looking forward to.

Wish me luck!