art, writing, and a 3d update

I had, when I started this journal, decided to share this space with some of my interests other than writing– namely my interests in various forms of art, music, out-of-date weaponry, and the other hundred hobbies I turn to periodically. One of Orson Scott Card’s books on writing contained a passage that said that it is the duty of a writer to know everything about everything, which could justify this deviance of topic… but I think it goes beyond that.

Studying music gives a sense of rhythm and pacing, tension and mood. Learning to draw teaches a person to really look at people and places, to understand color, proportion, and shadow. Animation, martial arts, dance all focus what the body can and can’t do, the physical limits of a person and how far they can realistically be pushed. 3d and the study of film that accompanies it enforces what my media teachers called ‘the fine art of faking it’, to focus on what’s in the camera view and use scenery for maximum effect.

Expect me to start branching out and writing articles on random topics on occasion. Perhaps I’ll also share a few short non-fiction stories. This weekend I took a break from Blue Crystal altogether.

I did this instead (Click here for a large view). It’s not quite finished yet, and I want to draw two more versions of her on the sheet with different outfits and finish the head side view.

For those of you not familiar with 3d modeling, this is a character reference sheet. After I’m finished with this, I’m going to crop out pieces of the character and import them into a 3d program, paste them onto flat planes, and so when I model the girl I’ll have a visual guide to go by. They’ll line up in the front and side viewports. This is standard practice in modeling; any complicated figure that needs some amount of accuracy will get a reference sheet, including people, cars, planes, and sometimes even buildings. The more accurate the reference, the better equipped the 3d artist is to add realistic detail.

Once the reference is finished, I’ll model the girl, skin her (adding materials). I’ll then be ready to insert a biped skeleton into her and bind her to it, allowing her to be posed and animated.