7 days left – about 95.7%

Rylan sat back in his chair. His manacles dug into his back. “I think she’d rather die than marry you.”

“Are you certain that you’re not speaking of yourself?”

“I’d rather die than marry you, too.”

1500 words by midnight. (And the snippet amused me. Rylan doesn’t get to be funny nearly enough.)

With all of the changes I’ve been making to the plot, my traditional progress bar is less than effective. Since my typical chapters run about 5-8k, I’m guessing that tonight’s effort is about 22% of the last chapter (ish). It’s progress, at any rate.

9 days left – 92.4%

9 complete 24-hour days until November.

Progress: 171/185 pages. 92.4%– was 90.8%.

I should note that this progress bar is not always accurate. Since major revisions changes my wordcount, I’m pacing myself with the same ‘events’ in draft 3.0. It’s mostly on-track, but if I need a new point… yeesh. I could write two thousand words in a sitting, and that bar wouldn’t move one bit. I already know that I’m adding in two extra pages to the end of chapter twelve, and the last chapter needs a complete rewrite.

revision update: 75%

I’m slightly feverish, and must go to bed, but after an almost NaNo-worthy day, I’m drawing to the last two major scenes of chapter ten. Page-count wise, I’ve passed the three-quarters mark.

Also, I keep trying to write ‘Tyobe’ when I mean ‘Maeche’. I know the two characters are brothers, and they sort of resemble each other (a little) but why can’t I keep them straight?

one chapter to go

Blue Crystal
(Current) Word count: 99,050.

Table of contents:

  1. Chapter One: Vastii in Black
  2. Chapter Two: The Celestite Baron
  3. Chapter Three: Paid in Sand
  4. Chapter Four: A Walk in the Dark
  5. Chapter Five: Bloody Hands
  6. Chapter Six: Mercenaries and Fire
  7. Chapter Seven: Terms of Endearment
  8. Chapter Eight: New Years Day
  9. Chapter Nine: Nature
  10. Chapter Ten: Duty
  11. Chapter Eleven: Vastii in Red
  12. Chapter Twelve: Three Faces in Filigree
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Catch a Star

‘Three Faces in Filigree’ is written. After Catch a Star, this draft will be finished, and I can start editing.

There are days you think, “What am I doing, how can I hope to tie everything up, how can I make the ending unpredictable yet still make sense?”. And then there are days when you read over the previous chapter titles, remember what happened in each, and suddenly feel so satisfied.


As of last night, I reached 47,533 words. 50% of my projected length. Woot!

That said, I had an idea that again deviates from my intended storyline, but sounded very good last night. This morning I remembered the idea, and promptly felt sick. Oh, it works. But it’s dark, even for me.

This has happened before. I lay down to sleep and my mind races. I see dialog, chapter layouts, characters dancing in my head as I lay there, and when I’ve been especially productive it can last for hours. But when I wake, I realize that these 2-a.m. thoughts are always rock-lodged-in-your-gut disturbing or melodramatic.

Anyone else think their judgment is skewed by early hours? Or is it just me?

may writing goals (and april followup)

To meet my writing goal for April I needed to get my story up to 40,000 words. Instead it’s now just over 33,000. Even including the rewrite of the first chapter (7,500 words) I’m not particularly happy with this. I’ve been trying to write 500 words every day (on this project– I have no trouble pounding out two thousand a night on my text-rpg), but I haven’t been consistent about it.

Let’s try something else, then. 3,000 words every week for May. That should make a monthly goal of about 12,000, and put me up to 45,000 by June, which is just under my half-way point.

I’ll start checking in every Fridays, starting next week.