I’ve never done flash fiction before.

Supposedly, this is about the time in my book’s progression that I should really start networking, so when I start dancing about, screaming, ‘I published the book I published the book!’ someone might actually take notice. A blog is nice. I can take care of a blog. Something like twitter? Not so much. And yet… a few days ago I found a contest that I thought had a fun prize (free critiques and editing from a published author. One of the ways to enter was to friend said author on twitter. Painless, right?

I never had done flash fiction before. I’m finding it surprisingly fun, though I suspect that I’m bad at it. So. Here’s my new twitter account, and this is the latest bit of fluff to fall out of my head:

Mark thought that he said his proposal very well, on one knee in a park’s rose garden. She considered it. “Ok. But stop wearing my clothes.”