The Forever Series


So, what is The Forever Series? What’s it about?

The Forever Series is an epic fantasy, told in episodes. If Lord of the Rings is the equivalent of a nine-hour-long movie, our books are more like a weekly tv show. Full plots, no cliffhangers, but short and meant to be watched read sequentially. The subgenre and types of stories told will change from book to book, while retaining the same cast.

Ultimately, the books are a little bit like Homer’s Odyssey: technically a love story, not a lot of romance. Except when there is. These books will have a little bit of everything.

Also, we promise pirates, zombies, ninjas, demons, golems, robots, demigods, seers, bounty hunters, vampires, assassins, dragons, sea monsters, airships, shapeshifters…

Stick around.

How often will books be released?

It’s hard to say what schedule we’ll eventually settle on since we’re still just getting started, but right now we’ll be releasing a short book about once every four months.

A bit of background for the curious…MarlanIce_600x800

Christian and Eliza started writing this story as a form of entertainment sometime around 2009 or 2010. That original manuscript is now long enough to contain over forty novellas, and it isn’t even finished yet! We like to think of it as our brainstorming project.

We also know where the series will go, and how it will end.

And… you’re giving away your first book? Why?

Because it’s a series, and my writing is good enough that I’m not worried about giving away the first book’s electronic edition. In fact, I encourage people to pass the link, distribute the file, put it up on sharing sites… whatever. Just so long as no one’s printing it or selling it, I’m happy.

My philosophy is that people want to read good books. If they don’t like my book enough to try the second one, what has anyone lost? I don’t want to charge money for an electronic copy that isn’t quite a reader’s cup of tea. Read my work, and come back for more if you enjoyed it.

People fighting over electronic rights have been saying for years that file sharing only hurts the bad artists. I’m willing to put that to the test.

You can download the .pdf, the .epub, or the .mobi (for kindle) at our website:


I read your book, and I loved it to pieces! What’s next?

We’ll have the next book out soon– the information should be on the website. The book is on Amazon and the Kobo store as well, but the official website will be the best place to go for the latest information. We have tons of  neat user freebies planned there as well.

If you’d like to help us out, here’s a few things you can do, since we’re new and not very big yet:

  • Share us with your friends. What platform you use doesn’t matter, but tell someone you read a good book, and show them where to find us!
  • Give us a rating or review on Amazon or Goodreads. Ratings are really important on the online-book world. This is the first book’s page on Amazon, and the first book’s page on Goodreads. You don’t even need to be nice; I promise, I love it when anyone takes the time to consider my work, even if they didn’t like X, Y and Z.
  • Chat with me about guest posts! I’d be happy to discuss writing something on your blog, or having a guest page on mine.
  • Send me a nice note, or art. Ok, this one’s over the top perhaps, but I have gotten fan art before, and I dance and squeal like a crazy person when it happens. Every nice letter I get makes all this worth it.

I’m always open to comments or suggestions. Feel free to drop me a line!

Eliza Wyatt

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