The Artificer’s Angels

Most grave robbers take the jewelry. This one stole the body.

On a tour of a mechanist’s laboratories– her brother’s workplace– Merrily Soarin wanders off, peeks into an ajar door, and discovers a boy in a glass tube. Just before Merrily is caught, she could have sworn that he looked at her. As if he were still alive.

Enter master artificer Maxwell Gallows, once famous, now infamous. He’s been looking for his son’s corpse for a long time, and meeting Merrily Soarin was the best thing that had yet happened for his search. But there are a few problems.

  1. Maxwell Gallows would rather kill Merrily than repay her for her help.
  2. The mechanist is an old enemy, and won’t back down from a fight.
  3. Resurrection is illegal, and protocol dictates that the recipient be destroyed.
  4. Leo, the artificer’s son, is so damaged that his next death will be his last no matter how brilliant his father.
  5. In an attempt to steal some of Maxwell’s old projects, the mechanist accidentally activated one.

Mad science has issues.

3 thoughts on “The Artificer’s Angels

  1. Kewl.
    Found you on

    If you are in the Seattle area now, you should check out the local writers groups listed in

    Are you writing Steampunk? I am looking for beta readers and I’m willing to trade reads.

    • Hey! Yes, I saw your post on the NaNo forum this morning. Thanks for stopping by. The thing actually sounds great. Thanks for the tip!

      The Artificer’s Angels is blatantly a steampunk fantasy, and probably YA on top of that. I’m halfway into it now, and I’ll be using NaNo this year to get myself to write the rest.

      If that sounds alright with you, I’d love to trade. Are you still working on Steam Palace?

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