6 days left – about 96.8%

It’s a 1,000 word day. They were pretty hard to put down. Also, I’ve had a lot to think about atmosphere in writing. I had a tune in my head that I wanted to convey the mood of. How do you write, and make your words ring with the same emotional impact as an auditory piece?

2 thoughts on “6 days left – about 96.8%

  1. I have that issue all the time — wanting to transcribe the atmosphere of certain music into a scene. Can’t say I’ve solved it yet, but I think a lot has to do with mimicking the rhythm of the music with the actual prose. Frantic music often has sharp, jarring notes; prose can easily reflect that through sentence structure and word choice.

    For something more complicated, like the beauty and beast singing found in a lot of Gothic metal and the fair vs. foul atmosphere it creates, juggling a few techniques may be needed. A beautiful setting for a conversation about murder, for example, reinforced with tense prose to indicate the dichotomy between the two. It’s interesting to think about, anyway.

    And 1K is still a worthy chunk, especially for the final chapter. 😉

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