I haven’t worked on my novel for two days– I’ve been scrambling to put together my materials for class.

I didn’t expect this. I’m terrified. What were they thinking, hiring me on?

Classes at the college start tomorrow, but mine is a Tuesday/Thursday class, so I’ve got one more day before I’m facing my first students at the head of the room. There’s also an online course, which I feel better about– just like blogging, with homework. Still, I was told very late that I’d be doing this, less than a week ago, and not all of my instructor information has come through, which means that I’ll have a syllabus with no office hours, personal campus phone, or even a college email. I’ve been rushing to review the lesson plans, even as I cut out the badly written sections out and replace them.

To go on top of everything else, I constantly get asked what high school I go to. I look like a fifteen year old. People keep trying to tell me that that’s secretly a good thing (after they’re done apologizing when I mention that I graduated from college years ago). It’s not when all the eligibly men assume at a glance that you’re jailbait, or when you blend in perfectly with your students. Just one more thing to worry about.

I usually keep a rule that I don’t talk about my personal life on this blog, but I needed to rant. It’ll be back to books when I’m comfortable again.

5 thoughts on “jitters

    • Doesn’t it? However, wrestling with administration was like my minor in college. Then I spent two years after prying vital information out of lazy programmers. It shouldn’t take me long (one would hope). I’ll bully my way into an office and office hours if I must. … Still.

  1. Wow. I suppose this hath come to teach us all an Aesop: Persistence will pay off. Or it just might hurl you off the cliff. =D

  2. Good luck! =D I think what I liked best about college was when the teachers were sincere, and you seem a sincere enough person, so I’m sure you’ll do fine.

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